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Yasmin D. Pitre

Born in Chicago, Yasmin lived most of her adult life in Los Angeles, CA. In 2002 she,

along with her husband and 3 children, moved to Houston, Texas. In Los Angeles, she

spent 10 years working in Human Resources for an advertising agency and a software

developer. During this 10-year period, she coordinated several programs, connecting

professionals with middle school students, sharing and explaining career options. This

connection of business with the world of education prompted her to make a career

change. While pursuing a Master’s degree in Business, she felt the nudge to switch to

Education with the hope of impacting many generations.


In her 24 years as an educator, Yasmin taught in the Los Angeles School District and

Clear Creek Independent School District in League City, Texas. In Los Angeles, she

was a key contributor in the development of a transitional program to help ensure

success for her students whose first language was not English. Once in Houston, she

continued to use her skills to help children of all backgrounds achieve success in the

classroom and in life.


Although now retired, her love for children and their success has not waned. Yasmin still

uses her experience and affection for young people to direct programs through the

church she attends as well as through Agape Centric.


Yasmin is also a Licensed Minister, and in her spare time, she enjoys spending time

with her family, cooking, playing with her grandchildren, travelling, and planning events

for Agape Centric. She believes life is a beautiful gift from God; and it is to be enjoyed

and lived to its fullest.


The great, late, Nelson Mandela said…” Education is the most powerful weapon

which you can use to change the world.” It doesn’t matter what career one may

choose, he or she will find him or herself using both knowledge learned in a classroom

as well as lessons from life experiences to make decisions. Yasmin has chosen to

share her education and life’s experiences to encourage and inspire others to pursue

their dreams and use life’s challenges as stepping stones to the next level on this

wonderful journey called life.

Executive Director

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