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Rachel C. Cotton

Rachel Cotton is a loving wife and mother of two, who believes in serving others altruistically.

Throughout her childhood and teen years, she became involved in theater, choir, and youth ministry. As she grew older and began to pursue a higher education, she used her experiences and personal qualities to transition into roles of leadership.

She began serving as a youth leader at her church, where she would write plays, songs, and coordinate programs. She currently serves as the Director of Youth Programs for Agape Centric Inc., where she assists with planning and coordinating community service events, fundraising, mentoring, public speaking, and more.

She is also a freelance artists with specialties in murals, and other custom hand painted creations. Through her work with Agape, she has been able to take her love for the arts, and spearhead Community Beautification projects.

She has learned, the life one chooses to live is dependent on the way in which one handles circumstances. So with her life, she chooses to share the wisdom she has gained, and give to others in need, with hopes that someday they will pay it forward.

Her favorite quote for service is

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